Could Your Family’s Lifestyle Survive A Health Disaster?

The simple ways to protect yourself and your family

Dear Friend,
I don’t know about you but there are so many things that I often take for granted…until I don’t have them anymore. You could call it your lifestyle or your standard of living. You know the drill…


Hockey, dancing, tutors, gymnastics, music lessons … the stuff the kids have to do


Summers at the cottage




Money to pay the everyday bills


Those $4 coffees at Starbucks


The roof over our head


The family car or van


The little extras that mean so much to the kids


Cash in your pocket

Do you suppose that your lifestyle could survive a real Health Disaster…?

There’s just so much money to spend it’s a wonder we ever have enough. Sure, there are usually two of us in the family bringing in the cash but doesn’t it seem a little precarious now and again? I mean, do you ever wonder just how little it could take to put an end to it all?

What would your family do for money if, rather than get to work bright and early on Monday morning, you ended up at Toronto General instead? Did you know that Monday mornings are the most common times for heart problems to rear their ugly heads? Sure, a lot of us have some coverage at work but when that runs out … and it does … then what? Do you suppose you heal faster or slower if you’re worried about whether you’ll have a home to come back to once you get better?

Which reminds me … wouldn’t if be great to get to the front of the line … say in the U.S. somewhere? I know, the Mayo Clinic, so you could get the world’s best treatment pronto? That’s the ticket … no waiting … just getting better and continuing to live in your own world. I like it.

What would happen to the extras if your pay cheque stopped because you weren’t able to go to work? Sure, the kids would understand. Heck, they’d have to but do they really need to? Hasn’t someone figured out some way to keep the kids in the lifestyle in which you dreamed they would become accustomed?

How about the plans you have for the family? Those dreams that keep everyone rowing in the same direction? What would happen to them if the flow of cash slowed to a trickle or even stopped altogether? For me, it’s too ugly to even think about. And, what’s worse, I don’t think it should have to be that way at all.

Ever wonder how long it would take to clean out all your accounts if you stopped putting money in? I have, and that isn’t a pretty picture either. Now, this is if you actually have accounts with money in them or if like so many of us, you wish you did. Doesn’t there just have to be a reasonable way to deal with this responsibly?

For some, though, it can be even scarier …

Maybe you’re in business:

Ever wonder about the impact of a similar problem with your people on your monthly cash flow? Is your family insulated from the business or is it a little too much like the Ohio power company and the Blackout of 2003? Wouldn’t it make sense to put a switch in there somewhere so that you could contain the damage?

Gee, when you think of how close your family’s happiness is tied to your business or professional practice, it makes you wonder how we could ever expose them to all the risks. Add a few partners or employees and you just increase the odds and the stakes.

Let’s face it, if a Health Disaster of some kind … and it doesn’t have to be fatal … prevented you from keeping the doors open, you’d not only have the business to worry about but you could have a tough time keeping the wheels on at home … the dreaded double whammy.

And of course, there are other business concerns that will test the best of us. Shareholders, partners, employees, suppliers, the bank (and their infamous “rug-pulling loan program”) … it never ends … are all intertwined and it’s just you at the heart of it to save the day.

Or is it? …

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be.

You can put the biggest “Financial Doberman” on your doorstep and protect yourself and your family’s lifestyle from almost any Health Disaster … from personal health issues to business related needs to professional practice concerns. I’m talking about transferring your concerns about business or personal peace of mind to multi-billion dollar corporations established for more than a century just for that purpose. They’re out there. You just need to know how to talk to them and what to do to make it right.

That’s where I come in. I’m Norm Lang and for more than 24 years I have been helping breadwinners guarantee their family’s lifestyles. I specialize in personal insurance coverage for business and professional families like yours. I’ll make protecting your lifestyle simple.

I’m a little different than the rest because I’m a soft-spoken, low-key advisor who believes that the simple answers are often the best. I’ll help you understand what’s right for you and chose the best approach to deal with it. You’ll get the right program at the right price.

My purpose is to protect families from all the liabilities they have so that they can maintain their lifestyle with as much certainty as possible. OK, we can’t cover everything but we can sure do as much as possible. You see, I believe that people would do more if they only knew what to do and it was easier.

Here’s what I mean …

Did I mention that all I deal with is products that pay out tax-free money? Everything I offer will come to you without a tax bill and can go straight into the bank or right to the people who want it or need it … all for your benefit … or your family’s.

So, whether it’s…

A bag of money to pay for your lifestyle expenses if you are sick or injured and don’t have any or…

Cash to put you at the front of the line for medical treatment if you come down with something horrible. Maybe even pay off those “Big Bills” and then relax and recover not stew and sweat or …

A guaranteed educational fund for those bright kids of yours or …

An income stream to pay for long term personal health care for you or on of the family if the unthinkable happened or …

To Be sure a special needs child is taken care of.

A tax-free account so the kids don’t lose both parents when one dies, one to death and the other to two full time jobs to keep the home fires burning.
It might even be cash for last expenses if someone doesn’t last as long as they planned. It happens … check the paper any day …

What it takes to make this work is a coordinated strategy …

There are so many different products on the market today and so many possible applications, you really have to know what first where and how … and for whom. Over the years I’ve put together an approach that blends products with people to suit their needs best. So, whether it’s critical illness insurance or plain old life insurance you’ll find that I put it all together seamlessly and painlessly (OK, not exactly painlessly … but close).

You can use insurance products to protect you and your lifestyle from your lifestyle liabilities … you could say, the “leveraged investments” we’ve made to support the life we want to lead. We consider your situation, needs, cash flow and personal preferences to build the perfect plan for you.

The bottom line is peace of mind so you can get on with the day-to-day realities of life and not wonder what would happen … if …

Goodness knows, in a world where we can spend hundreds a month on things that didn’t even exist only a few short years ago … iPhones, cell photo/phones for the whole family, Xbox, PS3, Satellite TV, Pay-Per-View, Large Flat Screen TV, GoPros, Drones, iPads, the Internet … just to name a few. Maybe it’s time to make sure we can keep them?

I think so.

Maybe you do too? …

If this makes any sense to you, you’ll benefit from a brief chat about your options. You’re entitled to know the simple ways to protect yourself … all you have to do is call.

I have a very simple process to get you the lifestyle protection you want with the least effort and at the best price. There are all kinds of pitfalls in the market today … remind me to tell you the startling facts about the “Mortgage Insurance” lenders sell today. I’m telling you, you won’t believe the money you can save. I’m talking thousands in some cases.

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